Moritz Greiling is an architectural designer from Munich and currently resides in Berlin. Among many architectural projects, he has participated in exhibition both for schools and architecture firms. Moritz received his Bachelors in Architecture (BA of Arts) from the HCU – Hamburg, Germany. He is an avid designer, reader and discoverer. During study Architecture, Moritz was working for Andre Poitiers, Hamburg and Asymptote Architecture, New York and Abu Dhabi. He returned to school for a Master (MA Arch) from the HCU – Hamburg, where he was selected for a year of architectural studies in Aarhus, Denmark and at the  Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles. He graduated in Fall 2011, with his intriguing project – LEARNING FROM VENICE. After a short stint of freelance jobs in end of 2011, he is now a designer for an international design firm in Berlin, Germany.


He sees himself as a designer, thinker and craftsman. Through his work he regards architecture as an open system of interrelated issues ranging from architectural typology, digital methodologies, sustainability, structure, fabrication, materiality, tactility and use, as well as a large network of social, cultural, and environmental systems. In future he finds himself working in intercultural architecture offices with focus on creating buildings, urban strategies, research, books, installations, and other projects that are less easily categorized. His works across scales on design projects are found in a range of fields including architecture, urban design and object design. One of the main objectives of his work is to find synergies between function and form, aesthetics and fluid dynamic shapes as well as discovering new structural conditions in all scales and sizes. An on-going question for Moritz is how to close the gap between conceptual design and its documentation required for construction.